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Plymouth Croquet Club arranges a programme of club competitions for its members
These are arranged for commencement in April and be completed by the end of September, annually.
Presentations to winners are made at the "pegging out" party in October.

Club Competition List

Allen Backway Trophy

Association, Level play, open

Yelverton Trophy

Association, Handicap, Knockout, Open

Hartley Shield

Association Doubles, open

Peter Danks Cup

Association, handicap play, (handicaps 16 and under)

Matchplay Cup

Association, handicap play, (handicaps 16-18)

Gerry Barker Trophy

Association, handicap play, (handicaps 22-24)

Clifton Tankard

Golf Doubles, Handicap, Open

Waterhouse Cup

Golf, Handicap, Ladies

Webster Cup

Golf, handicap, Men

Drake Trophy

Golf, level play, open

Mayflower Bowl

Golf, handicap play, open to all

Arthur Addis Cup

1 Ball, handicap, open

Marval Plate

Ricochet, level play, open


latest update 26th April 2019