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During the Covid19 pandemic, the UK Government has imposed restrictions on sporting activities.
The Croquet Association has, after consultation, now issued guidelines for clubs to open up on a restricted basis.

Taking these into account, with just three lawns (4A, 4B and 3) available for play
and to avoid unnecessary journeys, we have set up a booking system.

This system is run and cordinated by a club member, who will take booking requests by email, text or by phone.
Members will have received these contact details directly, by email.

To help with this system a booking situation update will be maintained here.

Latest Court Bookings situation

This update will be updated regularly, but may not be totally up to date at any particular time.

Court Information

Lawn 4
For booking purposes, Lawn 4 has been split into 2 half lawns,
however it may be used a a full lawn if no one else is booked.
Lawn 4A is the one nearest the clubhouse, with Lawn 4B the furthest lawn.
please note that the far corner hoop needs to be a short carrot hoop due to the soil depth in that area.
ie as Lawn 4B,hoop 3, and if being used as a full lawn, hoop2.

Lawn 3

This lawn is set as a full lawn.
It is set to play in the opposite direction from previous seasons to ease wear on the court corners.

Lawns 1 and 2

These lawns are still being maintained. They have been overseeded but germination is slow.
Watering is an issue, (where are the April showers when we need them?)

latest update 16th May 2020