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The club welcomes newcomers of all ages to a fascinating game that is played on equal terms by men and women.

Croquet can be a pleasant social activity over a relaxing afternoon, or a very competitive match in which players use their skill and tactical abilities to outwit their opponents.

The handicapping system means that players of different abilities can enjoy a good balanced game. Some have described croquet as a mixture of snooker and chess.

The club has four courts, each 35 yards by 28 yards and members can play either the simpler Golf Croquet, Ricochet Croquet or the more complicated Association Croquet.

We have created "half courts " on some of the full size courts. It is hoped that these will help members when learning new versions of the game.

Most newcomers start with Golf Croquet and this is a game which is played as singles or doubles, but in either case the blue and black balls always play against the red and yellow balls. In singles each player uses both balls, in doubles one each. The object of the game is to make either of your balls pass through the hoops in a set order before your opponent does. A hoop point is scored for the side whose ball runs a hoop in order first. The winner is the side which scores the most hoop points.

The club offers (free) coaching and the use of mallets and equipment.
All you need is flat-soled shoes or trainers.

Whilst our main season runs from April to October, members do play all the year round, weather permitting.

We have a number of club competitions for players of different abilities, and teams from Plymouth travel all over the South West for matches at various levels with other clubs.

Members may have a clubhouse key for a small deposit and this gives access to the courts at any time during daylight hours every day of the week. Courts may be booked for morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

Regular club sessions are held from 1.30pm Wednesday and Saturday afternoons which give the opportunity to meet and play with other members without prior arrangement. The atmosphere is very informal.

Coaching sessions :-
These are usually held in early summer on a Friday, either a morning or an afternoon session.
Subject areas that can be covered include: -
AC Laws
GC Laws
Easy 4 ball breaks
Use of Bisques / Free strokes
GC handicapping
Croquet shots
Pegging Out
Other items can be covererd on request.

Tuition and help is also available for Richochet Croquet, please ask other playing members.

Subscriptions: contact one of the numbers on the home page for current prices.
Categories of membership are :-
Full member (adjusted if joining later in the season)
Non-playing social member.

Come along on any club afternoon at about 1.30 pm and have a go!


Latest update on 27th April 2022